The FastFix system is being developed by a consortium of experienced coatings, controls, engineering, and material specialists as part of the Eurostar 2 project.

FastFIX no dig pipe repair

No more human labour within large piping systems. ​The innovative FastFix robot will both clean and prepare internal pipe surfaces before automatically and evenly spraying specially developed thick, fast-curing, and durable high-performance protective liners. It is safer, faster, cheaper, and more sustainable. There is no need for human labour within the pipe.


FastFIX Benefits


No-dig pipe automated process
Minimum footprint remediation
Large pipes 1-3m diameters

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Eliminate human labour
Eliminate excess transportation
Eliminate excess machinery

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Faster process reduces cost
Reduced team size reduces cost
Reduced transport reduces cost 

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Smarter pipe repairs

The repair or remediation of large diameter pipes has traditionally required technicians to work within the pipe itself. A hazardous, labour intensive, slow and expensive operation. The costs associated with shutdown of large diameter pipes whilst such work is undertaken is very significant. Remediation of such infrastructure requires fast rapid and reliable repair techniques, to enable systems to be returned to operation minimising downtime and lost production.